Drupal 7 form cancel button


When creating a form it is often required to make a cancel or back button, but this provides a number og issues with form validation but fortunetly there is a way to prevent these issues.

Create your cancel or back button.

  1. $form['actions']['back'] = array(
  2.   '#type' => 'submit',
  3.   '#value' => t('Back'),
  4. );

You can use either type: submit, image_button or button. In order to prevent validation of the form elements you need to add #limit_validation_errors and #submit to the element.

  1. $form['actions']['back'] = array(
  2.   '#type' => 'submit',
  3.   '#value' => t('Back'),
  4.   '#limit_validation_errors' => array(),
  5.   '#submit' => array('example_form_submit'),
  6. );

#limit_validation_errors contains an array of elements to validate on submit and since it is empty in this case nothing is validated

In order for #limit_validation_errors to work you also need to specify a submit function to call otherwise the element attribute is ignored.


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