Animal city (working title)

I am currently working on a prototype for a new game with the working title animal city. The game is aimed at the age 4 - 6 and features a number of animals out to save their village from an invation. I aim to upload a full prototype within the next month since i have a number of other projects to finish as well.

One game a month #8

I finally ironed out most of the bugs with this demo of my upcomming game. The next month will be spent on creating graphics and textures as well as different levels.

I hope you enjoy this remake of boulder dash, I am still working on a title for the game. The game is at the bottom of the page btw, until i get the time to update the websites design.

1.1 : Removed a bug which caused the game to finish once the door threshold was reached.

One game a month#2: February entry

Here is my february  entry for #1GAM. It was quite fun to make and a challenge to complete since we moved in january, and still had a lot to do, and my wifes birthday was up. But here it is! If you do have any feature requests, please sende them to me via twitter. :)

And the credits:

  1. The buildings are made with Zombiegons construction kit
  2. The zombie is from Mixamo
  3. The sniper was created by Virtual Motion
  4. And the props on the stage were made by Ruben