Hostile takeover

A company man hires the runners to steal a local companys research data. The company "NABER - New age bio enginering" resides in Snohomish and does a lot if research into biology and agriculture. Mr Johnson is from Ares and has orders to pave the way for a purchase of NABER. He offers the runners 5000 and 10% of the research's value.

NABER has employed a team of shadowrunners of their own to protect their recent findings, there is a decker, a rigger, a mage and 2 steet samurais.

The missing judge

One day when the players are sitting at their favorite barrens soycaf place a full scale gang war breakout right in the street where they are sitting. If one of the runners has a gang contact he or she can tell the runner that someone has kidnapped the judge, if no runner has such a contact perceptions checks will reveal that the gangs are accusing each other of the crime.

The judge is a powerful mage who acts as a broker between the gangs to avoid conflicts that could escalate to a war.

Death of the human policlub extrimist

A metahuman rights activist hires the runners to kill an extrimist policlub leader along with any member of his group they can find. They are hiding out somewere between Seattle and the NaN territories.

In order to find the group the runners have to infiltrate the local Seattle policlub and find out that a pair of their local members are delivering food to the extrimist group once a week.

Search for the elvish song stones

A dwarf in an expensive suade suite hires the runners to find five elvish song stones. A song stone is a jewel imbued with magical properties to play music and display wonderful visual colors at the same time. They each go for around 10.000 on the black marked. He offers the runners 3000¥ for each stone they get.

There are sixteem stones in Seattle and they are divided between 6 people.